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~ The Disaster Relief program ~

To assist residents of the coastal towns in the advent of a Tsunami

This paper is drawn up as an educative program to assist you to see ' something' and, to also get you to begin to see that nobody else is responsible for your wellbeing and, it is applicable to every person on every land especially those that live near the sea that soon very 'turbulent' will be and, - - -

You need to know that in the event of any disaster taking place that effects you and your family, that it is an 'occurrence' that you are being exposed to for a 'spiritual' reason, and one during which your discomfort. loss, or pain and suffering is entirely the result of your own past doings, be they known or unknown in this life or a prior time frame and, - - -

That your ongoing material and/or spiritual wellbeing lies within the power of your own mind. For ultimately it is irrational to demand or expect that others take care of you when for a long time now the knowledge of the building of the 'ARK' has been known by you.

Thus it is of importance for you to consider taking out your own 'insurance policy' so to speak. This you do by taking the time to look at the points given by me, so that you can come to an informed decision as to look at my projections with derision or with due 'care,' so that you are a little prepared when in the face of disaster you stare.

The insurance policy of which I speak is not a 'paper' one, for if you rely on any business organisation to come to your aid you will wait a very long time and, it is better that you today purchase a shovel or spade and all else that you may need.

The ARK of which I speak is the ARK of the mind in which you fortify your mind with my wisdom so that you can stay respectful and kind to others who may be unkind to you and, - - - you also then are able to more clearly think what to do to help yourself before your 'home' or ship does sink.

The 'material' Ark is the one whereby you plan ahead so that if your home is 'fired up' by the insane and reduced to ashes or it is destroyed by a Tsunami, then you already know 'where' to go to because you have chosen the home of a friend who lives far from the sea. A place where you have already stored the necessary goods given below or, you have 'joined' a Disaster Plan such as the one I propose and also know where to go and what is expected of you by others or me. *

Note: expected of you by others or me. * - That at no time you make any demands of any other as you 'accept' that all prepared will needs be shared by many, and thus you now 'offer up' more than a penny so that you are in a better position to receive at that time.

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Who needs to participate in a Disaster Strategy Plan? - Everyone. Why?

Because not only will disaster 'strike' the majority of the population at some stage, but those who are 'safe' will find that they will be expected to care for the needy, and thus they too need mental and material preparation for that time when that 'one day' will be a 'today.'

Why this Strategy proposal by me?

Because a seaside community will be destroyed in the event that a Tsunami erupts in the Pacific, and one is foretold that will soon be. Thus this 'plan' can be used as a 'basis' plan for every coastal community.

Who will be directly affected ?

Any buildings that are situated below 150' above mean sea level within 7 kilometres of the water, - - - this means that any building nearer than 7 km of the beach but situated above 150' will be 'relatively' safe.

Note: The above projection relates to the East coast of Tasmania only, and 'Sydney' or Gold Coast residents will be adversely affected if they live below 400' above mean sea level within 15 kms of the beach

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My proposal - 1

That you read all the related information and begin to store provisions of food and equipment and medical supplies that will enable you to be more self sufficient in either assisting yourself or, in order that you can offer aid to others less fortunate

My proposal - 2

That if you live in the Tsunami danger zone and are living below 150' above sea level, that you think of someone you know living in a safer area with whom you can store whatever you wish to that will assist you and them when needed or, that you keep a 'trailer' ready packed so that when a 'warning' is received, you can drive out ready to go 'somewhere' with the foreknowledge of 'never to return.'

My proposal - 3

That if you are living 'out of town' on high ground with a few acres of land, that you make a plan whereby you contact others living in the danger zone and jointly make a survival plan with them and provision yourself with all that you possibly can afford to.

My proposal - 4

That the local 'Council' themselves make provision to store fuel, machinery, and all else needed to 'repair' damaged facilities or build new ones, in an area that will be safe from any Tsunami waves. For each community will rely on 'heavy equipment.' We also need to realise that electricity may 'fail' due to damage to power poles etc. and, - - -

That there will be fuel shortages due to coastal facilities being destroyed. Tasmania will be on its 'own' so to speak with no 'mainland' financial nor other help from that time onwards. We will become an 'island' surviving on our own 'merits.

Note. the time will come when we will all be working for food but little or no pay. The storage of roofing iron, nails, and assorted hardware on 'high' ground will also be imperative. The storage of medical supplies and equipment on high ground will also be imperative as many people will need attention as emotions over-spill and insanity arises.

Note. I know that it is a little difficult for you to 'conceive' the possibility of being homeless, and it is also hard for you to 'feel' what it is like to be 'on the road' in the sun, wind, or rain with no help and nowhere to go. It does happen, it will happen. Better to at least make a little provision.

Note. This relief program is to assist people to make preparation so that they do have a 'place' to go where they can find 'provisions' for a short time until they can relocate themselves and continue on with their lives without having suffered absolute despair and deprivation.

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