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~ Blueprint ~
'Community Council Service Provision' Document

For the people of planet earth

As written by Terence  the spirit of truth

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~ Foreword ~

Local Council of wise elders or - rule by others?

There are 3 'basic' needs for any community council of elders to supply - WS - WR - WA
Water supply - Waste removal - Welfare assistance

The AD 2012 (016 TL) 'End Times' error of the way of mortal man is that the local community services provision organisations are all under the 'umbrella' of what is known as 'the government,' namely 'local government.'

Thus it is not a true local community 'effort' but is an imposed 'stricture' of control, interference, taxing 'fee' payment and punishment for any non-conformity to the ruling 'body.' Being the 'rules' invoked by the 'superpower' which regulates all using force of arms as its back up, and this forceful subjugation of man is the 'Beast' in action via vain, arrogant and greedy mortals seeking to be the 'as God' leader or, 'officials' wielding absolute power.

In order to replace the 'old' with the 'new,' we first have to establish the basic ground rules, and that is God's prerogative as contained in:

 The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God to all:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

It follows that the pre-AD 2012 (016 TL) 'End Times' error was that long ago 'someone' took it upon themself to invoke rules that gave 'them' the 'power' to have absolute control over everyone on the land named 'earth.'  This 'force' is now revealed by me as being God the Father imposing 'slavery & suffering & control & interference' upon all humanity within His Law* for defying His above Command, and these strictures filter down to earth via the mind and 'arms' of the vain, proud, arrogant and greedy that see themselves as having 'blue blood' superiority over others due to lineage, education, belief, official position or powerful negative emotions.

Note: - imposing 'slavery & suffering & control & interference' upon all humanity within His Law* - God has only ONE Law: "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you and them." - Thus it follows that through our disobedience to Him we all placed ourselves within the punitive aspect of His Law, and day by day the greater become the impositions placed upon all and greater the punishment accrued by all.

Thus as all mankind upheld these strictures they became more entangled by them, and only I can see the end result for those that continue to uphold and support the Dark control, being an 'indefinite' stay in the underworld where the enforced impositions become greater and ultimately lead to terrifying anguish and agony, for the time one is forcibly 'held' therein is incomprehensible to mortal man for it is 'eternity.'

In order to implement change to the positive wherein every interaction with others changes from being forceful, interfering, malignant, controlling and punitive to the benign, respectful, kind and free-giving as all begin to bow in subservience to God's Command, we need to turn our back to the 'ruling' authority and remain in conformity to the Command of God, for only thus do we remain within the precepts of the 'Light' and benign aspect of God's ONE Law, and as we share and care and give with love unto others, others will be inspired to do the same unto us, and everyone becomes elevated and happier.

Presently, the 'rulers' of the land are the ones that decide what they wish to do, and they expect the communities they are supposed to fund them and their 'protectionist' ideals, dreams, and promises to you and you and unfortunately, to so do, they are forced to keep everyone enslaved to endless work, and any that cannot keep up with the increasing taxes, fees, rates, duties, levies, royalties or other are punished, banished, or evicted.

Dictatorship with its military enforcers is no different to what is deemed to be a Democracy, for in a supposed 'democracy,' those elevated into positions of power DICTATE whatever they wish to IMPOSE and this is also backed by military might. (The rules backed by armed police enforcers and jailers)

I say that any person that cannot see the insanity of this 'way' and fails to make amends to God and their fellow 'man' deserves their future agonising fate, and my 'pen' wielded for the loving, kind, and merciful LIGHT of God simply seeks to elevate your consciousness so that you give yourself a 'chance' for spiritual survival and, to leave a 'bench mark' for future generations.

The local 'Council' is in fact supposed to be an organisation that provides 'services' to the local community, this it does but of itself it is ruled by rules (decrees) imposed by other people (and themselves) who dictate the terms and conditions by which members of every community must live, die, work, play, and carry out their daily business, and prior to carrying out any 'activity' THE PEOPLE are coercively forced to 'ask' for permission and to 'pay' an up-front fee for 'receipt' of said 'permission.' (All being interference, control and extortion.)

Any person seeking to 'go their own way' and not pay the ever increasing demands is punished, jailed, or literally cast out of their home that is 'confiscated' by the community workers that are paid by THE PEOPLE to be their servants, and this 'dark' way is now abolished by God via my pen.

The appointment of a Mayor and his 'merry men' is the facility whereby the community as a 'whole' is presently not only RULED by powers beyond their control, but every Council department of the present day is actually 'permitted' by its own rules and thus 'licensed' and forced to defy the "Peace" code of conduct as commanded by their Creator.

THE PEOPLE need to see that in paying their 'rates' that pay the wages of 'servants,' they are in fact supporting and condoning the control, monetary extortion, regulation, and interference in the lives of others in the community, and this leads to everyone being defiant of God and walking into 'poverty' and suffering within God's "As you or your servants sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Every regulating and punitive measure undertaken by the Council employees and the 'enforcers' appointed by the 'overlord' power is funded and condoned and thus aided by the community that sees not the result of this darkness in action.

No 'council of elders' in any land or village today is able to carry out the God given directive of 'Peace, freedom, forgiveness, and goodwill unto all.' This is because of their 'mandate' to interfere and control and punish any nonconformists to the 'dictated' policy of enshrined rules.  People today are forced to conform to 'compliance' directives rather than being given advisory codes to guide them if they wish to use them.

It follows that all 'Councils' are presently simply 'overbearing' Institutions within which people are employed to 'bow' to the dictates of 'decrees' named Statutes, that were raised up in contravention of the Command of God. This can be seen when no person is able to go forth and follow their 'dream' or conscience or daily business freely as God would have it be without conforming to the dictates of others and then 'paying' for the privilege.

This sad and sorry state of affairs has come into 'vogue' through precedent, and arose long in the past when 'someone' took it upon themself to heed the 'whisperings' of the Serpent, and to then 'permit' themselves and others to control and interfere in the lives and ways of others. This 'policy' has become so 'entrenched' that none see it as error, they only complain when they are subjected to 'terror' and cast out of society as 'offensive' if they fail to conform to the 'dark way' now seen as 'normal.'

It is truly the time for change, for greater become the controls and loss of freedom to the community through their 'civil' disobedience to God.  The Civil disobedience to God of which I speak is where there is no apparent 'war' taking place, but the people of the land are all disobeying God unknowingly by condoning and funding the interfering and punitive ways of their servants the Council 'enforcers,' who themselves are 'bound' to the false code of conduct rules of engagement.

Not only this, but every person taking up employment with 'Council' is expected to pick up the 'cudgel' for and on behalf of the rules as well as for and on behalf of any community member seeking to 'wage war' upon another community member or interfere in their business. It is not right that we have such an 'expectation' of our servants, that they should be forced to themselves defy their Creator, and all ratepayers are complicit to the interference in the lives of others.

It needs to be seen that the 'justification' of some that they have the 'right' to protect, direct, control and interfere in the lives of others has led to the present situation whereby these 'strong men' openly use force of arms to back their 'ideology,' being their religion of 'control, punishment, extortion, and war' against all or any opposition.

Time is short, as the end time tribulations are now commencing everywhere. The 'village' council of elders backed by the community that employ them must now remove the 'halter' of 'standing' rules and regulations imposed by their forefathers and the 'super power' overlord from 'over the sea,' and they must now simply become the 'voice' and caretaker of the local community effort.

With the sole 'duty' of supplying the basic welfare needs of the community, and using the community 'facility' to store all pertinent information as a 'Library' for the community members to access freely when they need to carry out their business. No more control, interference, fine or punishment.

If any community member is abusive or being a 'nuisance' due to inconsiderate actions then they may be 'caught' and subjected to a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program and released. Education is to be the new and only way forward and upward to the Light of Heaven.

Soon you will see the greater imposition of strictures imposed by the 'governing' overlords that do have great armies and 'guns' at their disposal.  These 'men' will use every 'Council' to interfere, limit and punish local community members more and more until the great war of 'Tribulation' is over. Woe unto all that condone and support these dark acts.

For the present 'customary' way is intrusive and dehumanising as the privacy of all is 'justifiably' violated through ignorance. Too many people 'take' or are given the power to be a 'god' or 'as' God with the power of life or death over others. Let the wise see that in the new age to be, all must simply be co-operative, giving cooperation, assistance, and guidance.


The following part of the document was compiled in Tasmania during July 1996, and was "inspired" as the result of a submission by the Break O'Day Council of St. Helens to the local community.

The Council submission was in the form of a new proposed strategic plan that had been called for by the Tasmanian Government.

I decided to submit my own plan to the local community. A plan which is to be the "Blueprint" for all Public Welfare Services in the soon coming times when humanity has become more caring and respectful of others.

Subsequent to my original submission, I added more information to this document to enable an 'enlightened' consciousness to emerge, thus this document is in two sections. Pages 1 - 13 being the Council submission.

I trust that you will gain deeper understanding about the ways of man as well as the requirement of God as you read, for the systems of man 'raised' to serve the community 'swerved' into darkness and became self-empowered to regulate, control, punish, and steal funds off the community with seeming impunity.

Council departments today are not a community endeavour, they are an imposing force that dictates its 'ruling' policies upon all. It also inhibits, regulates, and restricts people from carrying out their own 'ideas' for the 'management' of their properties. This interference is to now stop as all 'controllers' are 'run out of town' by community members that more than 'frown.'

Council 'officials' presently propose new projects and then forcefully impose the 'costs' upon the community, seeing not that this 'factor' is error, and the community also need to learn that they cannot make demands for the provision of services that will 'fiscally' disadvantage other members of the community.

Community members need to understand that without their individually 'agreed to' payment for services that they now need, want, or desire to be supplied that there will be NO services made available, and they need to understand that without their free giving donated 'contributions' towards the 'general' community services that they want and use, that these also will fall into 'disarray.' 

Let us all now go forth without using 'control and force' either directly or indirectly using 'Council' or 'Court' to interfere in the lives of others, and let us all now set aside the 'retributive' justice nemesis 'policy' and bow to the Primary Ruling Command of God and go our way in Peace, kindness, respect and courtesy unto all.

Let the TRUE within the 'Council' now 'show' their God of their humility and compassion and begin to serve God's children with honesty and respect.

The way forwards is through De-regulation, De-Centralisation and NON-Punitive and, the Council 'Tenets' and Staff 'orderlies' will become solely BENIGN, educative, and freely giving of advice to all in their dealing with members of the community and, all will assist in preparing the 'End times' Strategy for when insanity, confusion, irrationality, hardship, poverty and terror erupts over every village on earth for the reasons given by me on this web site.


Note: The word 'government' will become: Community Welfare Departments. Thus there will be no 'control or regulation or rules' that have compliance demands.

No, there will only be guidelines raised up by the enlightened elders to guide their offspring into the right and proper and respectful Code of conduct.

Any whom 'default' and as a result cause any other pain or disturb their peace will be counselled and then set free, in the knowledge that they will find 'atonement' for their error at the hand of God at a later time and place set by God, be it in this realm or the next.


Community service providers

  1. All need to understand their relationship to God and the Community.

  2. The Community service providers need to reflect on their relationship with the community, for it is presently malignant and needs to become a benign organization for the sake of the council staff and the community.

  3. The Community service providers are acting as controlling dictatorial masters rather than as servants of the community. (Every 'government' on earth has assumed the 'right' to dictate, govern, interfere, and control, but this 'right' is in fact simply the use of 'arms' and armed men.)

  4. Within God’s Command, the Community service providers cannot dictate to the community and punish the people for non-conformity.

  5. I am not able to fund any punitive organization in any way due to my religious belief which is one of absolute pacifism.

  6. I cannot be dictated to by any as to 'whom' I give monetary support and 'how much,' for it is between God and me.

  7. I 'yes' do need to pay for services that I 'tender' for, but can refuse to accept services offered by punitive institutions.

  8. The Community service provider (official) is not God but has assumed the right to do whatever they wish to, as if they were 'God' to their own spiritual detriment, and to the detriment of those that vote for and fund them. I do not wish to be a part of that controlling and punitive scenario.

To Toppage 1

The 'Break O'Day' Council of St. Helens, Tasmania.


I have viewed the Strategic proposals and new plan recently submitted to the public, and comment:  It appears to me that much time has been spent on the compilation of a document which contains a "maze" of negativity. Its very "beginning" shows its "intent" to "Control," rather than its proper mandate to: "Supply and fulfill" the needs of the populace.

Do we really wish to give the "Go ahead" for the implementation of such a "loosely" worded "Plan" that says much and having no substance that will place a heavier load upon us and our children through its "Greater Powers" to control all, through regulatory acts with their accompanying eradication of the freedom of choice that is God's gift to us.

The first two paragraphs of your "Intent" on page 1 "Plan" speak lengthily on the beauty and resources of the land. But for those who can "See," it is its "Principles and Practice" that are the real "Intent deed" of the document, they are the "intent" to "Regulate and Control," giving environmental reasons as justification for this added regulatory control.

The "way" of this Scheme is "negative." It should be scrapped "In Toto," and another brief concise plan adopted.  None today have the God given freedom to express their dreams without first obtaining "permission" from "Someone," and not only at an up front $ cost, but after considerable delays and often denial.

It is I, who has the difficult task of exposing the invisible dark "force" that has caused all the negativity on this planet through the "minds of man," and has permeated into every part of the working fabric of our material and spiritual ways.

It is now the time for change for soon all men will become "Strange & derange." I would like to say, it is THE time for the 'Break O'Day' to change its perspective if it can, or at least look at what I have to say, for my 'dream' is that all towns on earth follow my vision.

Now is truly the time for Education and the giving of advice to the people, rather than "Increase of Regulatory 'Acts,' with any non-compliance penalised by fines or force of arms." It is the time to "Cut the cloth to suit the coat."

Let us halt the $ "Dis-ease" and prepare for the planetary "freeze" when everything comes to a halt for a time. Certainly there are needed on-going projects which need funding, but not at the negative expense of the people. No one should be in any way penalised if they are unable to "meet" the requirements of the Council, be it $'s or otherwise. The Council is here to "Serve" the people as an advisory, administrative, active and educative body, to supply necessary services, and not make "demands" from any.

It appears to me that all Government and "other elected bodies" soon forget and forgo that Intent. Instead, they seem to think that "they" are the "client," and that the people must serve their whims and demands. All are "bound" by past "dark restrictive" enacted laws that "unseeingly" justify the continuance of bad practices.

The Control and Management of "people" who are "used" as instruments for "fund raising" have become such a "norm," that the public blindly "accept" the ever increasing burden of rules and regulation and extortion explosion placed upon them.

They have also accepted as the "norm" that they must pay a licence "fee" to "Someone" who demands it "up front," before one can build a "Shelter" to live in, or enter the forest to collect firewood, or go to the sea and catch a fish to eat.!

The "demanders" by "following" the ungodly Acts of their predecessors have no qualms in saying "Pay us today, or your home will be 'fired up' and we'll put you away," somehow believing that they have a "Mandate" to deny the Light of God, as they "unthinkingly" cast their sisters and brothers and even mothers out into the cold, even moving people "en mass" if it suits them.

To Toppage 2

The local Council cannot change the "Codes" placed upon it by State and Commonwealth bodies, but its own "Modus Operandi" can be changed by the 'voice' of THE PEOPLE, as can that of all Governing bodies, as THE PEOPLE simply say NO and get on with their life with God as their 'wife.'

This change of operational mode can only take place through the community expressing their desire to so do, and the elected either acting upon it, or being sacked, and the State 'controllers' ignored as 'God-fearing' individuals simply go about their day without 'bowing' to the strictures imposed by others.

It is truly the time for change "Break O'Day." I speak not only to the Council and Staff members, but to the whole world community. I now formulate a Council Blueprint that will flow forth from the Break O'Day across all Australia and onwards.

Let us now change all "Standards Code requirements" with their attaching penalties for non-compliance to "Standards Code Advice," to be given freely to those seeking to carry out any development. This, in preparation for the time not too far ahead, when all will have "positive reasoning and respectful thoughts" to guide their human endeavours.

Thus any plan change today needs but be one that "removes" restrictions, regulations, and "charges," and should not contain any penalty clauses.

"ONLY guidelines to assist others" is God's Command.

It is also my "Intent" to draw your attention to invisible processes now intensifying on this planet, being "Armageddon of the mind - possessive intruding thoughts," leading to the escalation of mental/emotional trauma.

This trauma takes the form of powerful non-reasoning thoughts that will soon have many minds "under siege," and the resulting "blood and guts" will soon sweep away all manipulators and controllers of humankind.

We need to be mentally alert and aware of how and what is soon to be, and what to do about it.

It is also the time to "revise" all service provision "charges" and lower them to an "acceptable" level. It is also the time to "conserve" expenditure, and look clearly at "what" the requirements of the Break O'Day community truly are to be in the difficult coming times.

"Wake up Break O'Day," soon angry men will destroy all who hear not God's say: "Be not takers, Only Love," say I God's dove. Federal & State & local governments are all "funded" by the 'goodwill' of the people, but the funding is demanded and enforced, and institutions of man do not have any "Mandate to extort money," and enforcement is extortion.

Once the local counsel becomes a truly benign community 'instrument' then any person 'presenting' as someone that is unable to pay for services they are using will be 'viewed' as a person possibly in need of community support, and the 'carer' aspect of the community effort will visit the person and see what their position is and offer help, support and counsel. There will be no more 'control, interference, punishment or banishment.'

Soon, as trauma escalates over the planet, the only "Modus Operandi" required in all countries will be in the areas of "Share, Care and Emergency relief."

"Education, not Regulation"

In trust


To Toppage 3

~ Power & Control ~

Many a man is a man of "honour" who does his "truth" lay bare, being his strong belief that every man must work hard and his "earn" with others share. Thus many suffer not "lightly" those fools who "lounge about" whining that politicians are the thieves who daily for "more" do shout.

We do need a "stable" society. But not one which is "controlled" by the rules of men, that even you can now see "span" our backs like the Yoke that is placed upon the Ox. Yes, for the "average" worker on earth today there is a "shortage" of buying power of the few funds left for which they must cover the "cost" of the goods of the day.

Many now suffer the "hardship" of circumstance where there "appears" to be no "chance" of meeting the needs of the day, and I say it is because so many steal too much pay.

Each of the populace being a "goose," has their neck stuck in a cleft stick, and the ground upon which they stand is sinking, and the golden eggs they lay each day will soon stop issuing forth, for 'death' is due now any day and you will see the result of massive greed and political power play. For political 'men' stole the open cheque book and the masters 'rod' that they use to flay the backs of any whom defy their ever increasing demands.

'We' the populace deserve our punishment due to our 'fearful' support of this 'dark-ship' that is now to 'overturn' & sink itself due to top-heaviness. It cannot save us and we cannot save it. It's time to prepare the lifeboats ready to pick up the swimmers.

I do say "sharpen your spear," your mind, and let my truth now near. For there is ahead much for all to do in aiding the lost & needy that our God will send you, they will need "direction" and daily counsel too.

The 'Council' and other 'governing' Institutions no longer work 'for' the people. They work for their own 'agenda' using funds coerced or taken forcibly from community members, and they impoverish the community that 'foolishly' pays their wages. The Council 'Rules' that enable its Agenda has the 'attitude' of a cruel and overbearing Dictator as ITS Policy is:

"You the people must pay 'our' monetary due that is 'whatever we demand from you' and, any of you that fail to so do will by 'us' the office bearers be 'destroyed' and 'impoverished' and 'cast out' from your homes for 'we' the council are backed by a 'force of arms' army paid for by YOU the ignorant."

The people need to now see that when an Institution and its needs, wants, desires, become more important than the people it was raised up to serve, - - - then IT the Institution needs to be abolished and a new 'direction' taken by the people that considers the needs, wants, desires of THE PEOPLE.

No 'Office' raised up to serve has any 'right' to coerce, demand, or fight its 'promoters' and, home owners have the right to use or not use services that the community welfare organisation offers and, - - - the community members must only contribute by free giving towards any 'objectives' over and above the primary provision of services and, Council 'employees' must use these available funds to their best and most needed advantage.

There are two ways landowners are presently disadvantaged, one is by business factors or adverse weather that affects their earning capacity, and the other is by the ‘rules’ of governing bodies that are equally remorseless as any 'drought.' For even when you have a little money but naught to freely give, the state workers still demand that you sell up what you have so that they can still in ‘luxury’ live.

For they are backed by guns and regulation, thus they cannot even exercise their conscience for they are moved by rules to sell you up in a cruel and merciless way if you have no money to pay them on ‘the day’ their demanded land tax rates fee becomes due. This has been my experience to date, and I have written proof that Council officers believe that the moment they invoke a ‘bill’ of 'due' and give it to you, that you can be forced to pay it even if they provided NO services to you.

What can I say about this insanity of the day? Only that God expects you to remain kind to those that come so forcefully your way, and you must your own soul protect as you tell them that you require no more services from them as you cannot for any services pay.

If they pursue you in a Court and steal your goods or land in a manner underhand then that was your fate, being your spiritual due, for when in the past you funded their ways when they stole others lands too and, - - - as they now impoverish you they accrue a similar fate and will suffer loss at the hands of others on another day for being so untrue to you.

To Toppage 4

It is now the time for all the ‘dispossessed’ to turn to their neighbours for succour, and every ‘neighbour’ will need to do their very best to help you stay alive as ‘circumstance’ controlled by rules and weather and cruel men drive everything to a standstill for a time and a time and untold misery does unfold.

Normalcy is where villagers live happily and are content in apparent poverty. For today we have "misspent" our freedom and cannot even "relent" because we do not know "what" road to follow.

The "demise" came because we "abdicated" our personal responsibility through fear to a System of control and extortion 'run' by men filled with insatiable greed, be it Councils or Governments.

The only way to "return" to a frame of "happiness and low-earn" is by now withdrawing from the dark "plan" which spans the Systems of men. For the financial "demand" via them is now so great that one cannot sit by one's "gate" and do naught, or the home you bought would be sold up as 'presently,' every moment of passing time means we owe them a dime due to 'ruling decrees' issued by political swine. For they say:

"All living in the 'principality' (territory owned by a prince) * are by decree of the 'king' (president) ordered to pay an annual land tax to the 'prince' or his officers and, - - -

For the purpose of legitimising this monetary transaction it will be named a 'rates charge' that the land owner will be forced to pay annually whether or not there are any 'services' sought by the land owner or, whether or not there is any 'service' provided by said 'prince' or his municipal officers."

I say that this 'rate' or 'tax' is a 'forceful' imposition to be abolished by the 'brave' individual land owner, for no person (king, politician, war lord or municipal officer) has the right to demand any 'land tax' from any other person, nor have they the right to impose services that they wish to, and it is most certainly wrong in the eyes of God for any municipal council 'office' to demand that a land holder be forced to make use of their services simply because they have services to provide and, - - -

It is now the time for each community land owner to decide if they need the provision of services to their land and 'who' will be the one to provide their personal 'home' services if they do, and they will also be the one to decide as to 'how much' funding they will provide to the community coffers annually towards the upkeep of the community program.

The 'political' overlord is now abolished as man becomes enlightened by God's pen. It is God the 'head of house' not arrogant vain men seeking power, control, and a free feed.

Pure truth implies that all must now walk "tall" and be free to just sit under a tree on a beach and teach all that they do not "have-to" pay others even 'one' penny a day. We needs find our way "home" where none 'roam' around demanding 'something' off you or me. There must be no "compulsory" demand off any community member.

The provision of the basic supply of water and waste removal required by anyone will 'Yes' have to be paid for, as must the provision of any other 'Service' that is asked for by the individual. It must not simply be that everyone is 'taxed' according to 'this or that factor,' with the amount charged being an imposition upon the homeowner whether they want it or not.

Any 'Welfare system' be it Council or other must operate solely on donations, this includes the provision of other community services, be it swimming pools, libraries etc. Thus it will 'rise or fall' depending on the free giving goodwill of the community because, - - - God already 'laid down the law' as to the PEACE 'code of conduct' HE expects all to conform to and thus live by, so why do the vain and arrogant impose regulation and taxes and restrictions and punishment and give others such a hard time?

Why do they control the subdivision of land? Why do they regulate the use of land or the building on land? Simply because they believe that they have the right to 'help or hinder' you and, - - - via their rules they are 'backed' by FORCE, - - - a foreboding and controlling and punitive evil force that divorces the enforcer from the light of heaven.

These 'blind' souls need to now be kind unto themselves as they let their own conscience override the very rules that bind them, for God is the Almighty Superpower not them, and all now that continue to control others will by God be controlled in the wastelands below for being blind, arrogant, vain and unkind, - - - all for a false 'penny' wage.

Note:  (territory owned by a prince) * - Your land is owned by you, it is not owned by any prince, king, warlord, politician or the council officers. The 'ways' of old whereby ignorant man believed that the king or his 'government' owned all the lands under his 'powerful' mace are gone. For that warlike 'taxing' way is a disgrace in the eyes of our true God.

Note:  Every land owner needs to read the 3 page: ~ The Recording of Titles ~

To Toppage 5

~ Council Insurrection & Treason ~
the new ‘order’ of the day

Who said "Render unto the government" I ask, and I set my mind to task for there is naught owed to anyone by me. This I do see, for if any man should wish to "take" from another simply by issuing a ‘demand’ backed with a forceful "rake" does not imply that God wishes them to comply. Thus I can say:

 "No, my funds I do not wish to upon you bestow, and you can do what you wish to as I stand calm and to God am true. If you do me in any way abuse then you or your ‘men' will their souls lose to their "Mandator" I see, and "He" the very Devil be.

Foolish are the politicians and other ‘officials’ not very wise, who daily make demands and forcefully "take" impoverishing God's children and a mess make, as the funds stolen from the community are in fact partially used to control the lives of the community in one way or another and, any failing to meet the ever-increasing demands are ‘reprimanded,’ punished, and dispossessed of goods or their land.

This old way is to be abolished by God for it is insurrection and treason against God’s Primary Ruling Command:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving."

I cannot personally ‘appoint’ servants to control, abuse, punish or interfere in the lives others and neither do I wish to fund any institution posing as a benign community welfare organization when in fact it is a ‘body’ that is self elevated and imposes its rules and regulations upon everyone.

I cannot therefore conscionably fund or donate any money to such a ‘malignant’ body even though ‘some’ of the funds are being used to provide community services, and God says: "Son, deny all takers who'd make you cry, but to all the needy you can give what you wish, so they happier live."

Thus this ‘Council’ exposure and directive to assist everyone to see the harsh stark reality of the day being: For so long have the whole community ‘believed’ in the use of force to control, regulate, and protect, that all have become bound by rules that empower them to control and punish and dispossess others and themselves.

For so long have ‘men’ in positions of ‘’office’ believed in their divine right to RULE others backed by force of arms that they ‘forgot’ the singular but immutable law of God that states: "As you sow so shall ye reap," and in the basic language of the day it means:

"All those that invoked ‘rules’ that were to be used to control, extort, tax, impoverish, punish, dispossess or kill placed a ‘hex’ upon their own soul, and all the suffering that was endured by their ‘victims’ became a spiritual due upon their own soul to be suffered and endured by them in this or the after-life."

"All those that used said ‘rules’ to control, extort, tax, impoverish, punish, dispossess or kill placed a ‘hex’ upon their own soul, and all the suffering that was endured by their ‘victims’ became a spiritual due upon their own soul to be suffered and endured by them in this or the after-life."

"All those that condoned or supported or funded institutions that used ‘rules’ to control, extort, tax, impoverish, punish, dispossess or kill placed a ‘hex’ upon their own soul, and all the suffering that was endured by their ‘victims’ became a spiritual due upon their own soul to be suffered and endured by them in this or the after-life."

'Governing ‘bodies’ have offered and given services in the guise of benign ‘paternity,’ but due to the Dark nature of the ‘matter of control’ everyone has become bound to more darkness and suffering, and they drew more dark energy into their souls, and the result exposed by me will now be:

The ‘sector’ of the community that seek Salvation and now strive to be true believers in a God of love will ‘awaken’ to the fact that they have been supporting a ‘contra’ God of destruction, and they will immediately halt the funding of any institution that uses or imposes control and punitive force.

The ‘sector’ of the community that is ‘bound’ inwardly by very dark emotions of anger, fear, hate and vengeance will ‘turn,’ as they are empowered by the Dark essence within them, and they will ‘fight’ their oppressor, being the institutional enforcers that they will perceive as their enemy, and the punitive aspect of God’s Law will operate via their minds and emotions to mete out divine retribution upon everyone needing IT.

The primary result of this will be total chaos, pain, suffering and great tribulation until such time as GOD has fulfilled the application of His ‘eye for an eye’ Law on every level of consciousness and in this world, and only then will peace ensue.

The following information in this Blueprint document is to assist everyone to see a ‘reality,’ so that ‘each’ in whatever ‘position’ can come to a personally informed decision as to their next move. For the GREAT WAR is now to unfold, and the FINAL destiny of each soul is at ‘stake’ as each stands ‘alone’ before their God.

Certainly it is the ‘time’ when every community will be reliant upon ‘Carers’ who will share, assist, contribute and give good counsel to others. But any continuing support of institutions that use punitive rules or force of arms against any person will result in ongoing terror and trauma for the supporters and, this terror and ongoing trauma will for them continue on FOREVER in the dark abysmal underworld.

Let it be clearly understood, every government on earth was 'elevated' and forcefully imposed upon man by God the Father using vain men, for He 'tolerates' no contravention of His Command.

Let it be clearly understood, every government on earth was 'elevated' by vain men using God's 'forbidden to use' force and will now be 'smashed' by the WRATH of God the Father, for He 'tolerates' no contravention of His Command.  Let us now prepare for the new way to be once the 'old' has been swept aside by the inanity to now be as exposed by me.

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Submission to the


P.O. Box 21
St. Helens, TAS 7216, Australia.

Intent: To aid the community to designate the "Role" of their Council.



Advisory -- Administrative -- Active

Administrative --

Records section, recording all 'reported' occurrences taking place within the Council area, from building lodgements, land allocation, businesses operating, to major Council Works undertaken and supplied.

Advisory --

Department in which all areas, eg; any building plans submitted are examined, and "Lodgers" of plans, are "dealt with" in an "Advisory capacity" only. Positive liaison with "public," and advice given as to any alterations which would assist in areas of strength and stability. Informative in all aspects of contact.


In supply & maintenance of all Essential Community Services.
Forward planning and additional Works.
Informative, Innovative, Co-operative.

My proposal here is for:

A -- The Council to move into the Advisory mode Only. This to apply to all government bodies.

B -- The "Zoning usage Policy and Rates" changed to "Zoning usage Policy and Rateable intent"

C -- Change all "Standards Code requirements" with their attaching penalties for non-compliance to "Standards Code advice."

D -- The abolition of all mandatory regulatory control with their "User" and "Licence" charges for Council services.

E - Council may receive a 'service' remuneration for any services asked for, agreed to, and provided.

F-- All Council Works that are beyond the "Essential Service" area are to be funded by donation and not by raising annual charges.

G - There will no longer be any 'restriction' imposed upon any person. E.g. As to land usage, building codes, subdivisions etc.

H - The "De-Regulation" of all breach of code standard issues within the Break O'Day community. All Code "Standards" be they in the Building, Health, Factory equipment, Manufacturing etc, shall now be Code Standards "Advice" only.

This also means that the Break O'Day Council, or any "Serving" body is not empowered to enter into litigation for the purpose of taking any action against anyone for "non-compliance" to the guidelines made available to the public.

Any who are unable to "meet" the present day standing annual rates, taxes, fees, etc, demands will not be penalised in any way.

It is truly now the time for "Conscience" rather than "Control."

Let us today make a small beginning here, with a truly new prospectus for the Council of "Break O'Day." Let no "man" in our community, or any community, make any "demands" of another. Let us but assist all with co-operation. Yes, even those who are sent to "try" us.

It is the "Only way" to move forwards into the Light.

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~ Rateable Intent ~

In the 'olden' days and up until now, the 'monarchy,' state government or other 'Chieftain' imposed a 'hut' or 'land' tax upon everyone living within the 'borders' that he controlled by force of arms, and this has been 'ameliorated' by the provision of imposed services but, - - - along with this are the 'controls' and interference in the lives of everyone, and as everyone 'votes' and condones and funds this control and interference in the lives of others, it follows that we need to amend our ways quickly so that we can then take ourselves OUT from living within the punitive aspect of God's Law with ITS increasing control and interference and impoverishment of our lives that is the result of our ignorance and error.

"Rateable intent. - In the "new age" to be when there is no demanded "Rates" service charge imposed forcefully by the community welfare "Council," there will simply be a 'quoted cost' given to the individual, being the 'fee' required for each particular service provided.

The 'Rateable intent' will simply be seen as 'The quoted cost' needed by the Council for the provision of a service to a particular place.'  The individual can then agree or disagree to said price or said service.

No landowner will have any land 'tax' or 'rates' label attached to their property as is done today with the label 'valued' by the Council or any other 'body,' being an amount that is forcefully imposed and having a punitive attachment for non payment.

It follows that if I purchase or own a 'plot' of land that has NO 'services' needed by me, then there is NO annual 'tax' or 'rates' cost to me.
It follows that if I own a home within town 'limits' that has NO services needed by me, then there is NO annual 'tax' or 'rates' cost to me.

If I need to have water provided then I must pay for it to be connected on an 'individual' contract basis by a provider of my choice, be it the local Council or other.

If I use the water or any other service provided by council then I must pay the monthly or annually agreed price for said service but, - - - if I wish to leave my home unattended for a year and a day then I can so state and the provision of service can be discontinued with NO ongoing cost to me until the day I ask that it be reconnected.

It is only in the enlightened age that minds will be free enough to clearly see "what" is expected of the Council ref funding. Once this is established and the Council itself is "wise" and seeks not excessive funds as it truly will be a basic service provider, then it will state its true needs as "Rateable intent" so that newcomers into any particular area can be made aware of the costs needed by the 'council' (community service provider) to service their property if they wish to use the services provided by the Council.

People will have the freedom of choice to not use the services provided by the local council and use their own service supply or, to find another provider of the services they need.

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The primary function of any community Council is to be the maintenance and supply of the basic community services needed:

Water supply.
Waste disposal - Sewerage treatment.
Welfare disbursements.

The secondary function of the Council is for:

Roads maintenance.
Street lighting.
Development information.
Supply of and service to Community facilities.

Be an Informative Advisory centre for the community.
Maintain a record of all past and present development in the area as submitted.
Keep abreast of future community needs and make contingency plans.
Be the Community Emergency Relief Distribution Centre.
Any other activity requested and funded by the 'givingness' of community effort.


Council has already at its disposal much information regarding "Safe & reasonable" practice in many areas of human endeavour. This information now needs to be "examined, sorted and enhanced" with fresh input in all the areas of its work. Thus compiling an "Information Library" with all the relevant information classified within each section. This will be freely available to the community and developers.

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Council "Service" is fulfilled by the triple 'A' policy, in that as far as community "expression" is concerned, it will only be:

Advisory -- Administrative -- Active

With "activity" submissions such as building construction etc, the Council will only "record" the incoming proposals.

This "intent to build" advisory notice should be submitted to council for their "Information, Advice and Records" that will include the necessary drawings.

The receiving "officer" whose task it is to place the proposed development details on file record, will advise the "Lodger" of any areas that may need re-examination for safety etc, and give out all relevant information from the "Information Library" on the subject.

Thus the Council officer has discharged their duty to the "Lodger" as to their "Case." It is then up to the individual to commence their work. In the event that any further Council "expertise" is called for, a 'service' cost may be 'quoted' to the individual who may pay or go their way or, the advice may be freely given.

Annual Licence fees for all "functions," being permits for business etc., are abolished. No person is to pay any 'monetary fee' prior to operating a business.

Council health or building Inspectors will carry out their inspections in an advisory capacity only, and only if so requested.

There will be no requirement for any Council Staff member to in any way undertake any action for any "Code" breach. There will be no Council code to breach. It will from now on be the sole role of Staff to "Serve with advisory co-operation."

If any member of the public seeks redress for the action of any other member of the public, then they are free to approach that person, and take whatever action they are so inspired to. It is time to take the pressure "off" the Council Staff in this respect.

The Zone areas will be determined by the elected Councillors, and required changes made when this body of Elders decides to so do it.

The "Zones" are delineated for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Rural, Community recreation and services. The delineation is in respect of anticipated usage only.

There will be no 'boundaries' in the coming new age as there is no 'ruling' body using boundaries to control. Areas using community effort will become fragmented and result in far smaller areas, be it valley by valley or town by town etc.

Community members will be free to use their land for business or pleasure, as they see fit. Any activity development proposed by any individual on their own private land will be "unrestricted," but consideration for others will become the way of the day.

There will be a donated contribution by the community that will fund the 'implementation' of the Secondary function of the Council works, and if there are additional projects to be considered, their funding costs will be obtained by individual "donations" from the community for these projects.

There shall be no "funding by demand" principle of practice. This in preparation for the time not too far ahead, when all will have "positive reasoning and respectful" thoughts in their human endeavours.

The abolition of all parking meters and other nonsensical "fund raising" such as payment for trolleys at airports etc. The only parking allocations to be are those for taxis, public transport and loading and 5 minute parking zones, etc.

Due to a soon "Sure" breakdown of funding from State & Commonwealth for local assistance in all areas such as Health, Welfare, Education, Pensioner care, it is recommended that an "expenditure" brake be put on in respect of new "Schemes."

I recommend that a % of 'present' annual local government income given be utilised and used for the setting up of storage of emergency relief supplies, that will be used in times ahead. (Food - medicine - shelter - clothing - fuel)

"User" charges* - Nothing is ever for free other than what already "exists" having been paid for by others or thee. We will receive no community services unless we "submit" our annual "offering," but the recipients must also see that even though "elected" they are not mandated to coercively or forcibly "take" more.

Certainly if "we" via the Council have supplied trains or trams or 'other' facilities to be used by thee or me then we do need to "sustain" these with a "User pay" charge that is "above" their employment wage & costs service fee but, - - -

No community 'fare-ye-well' department must operate as a profit business, it must be at "cost" only to truly be a "Welfare" department. Any "expansion" must be funded by donations from interested people.

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The People must decide what to do.
The People are individuals, and to their own soul must stay true.
The People must decide how much they will pay for services provided, and they will decide "which" services they need from the service provider.
The People must decide how much money each wishes to pay to the 'common wealth' of all.
The People must now rely on their own community effort to sustain them.

The People must decide as individuals if they wish for positive change.
The People elect Elders (Councillors) to represent them.
The People must tell the Councillors of their new requirements.
The people are to be free to walk apart from or be a part of the community 'Council' body.
Let the people now speak up and say what they "can" pay.
Let the people donate part of what was known as their "taxable" income to their Council community chest.

The Councillors must try and comply to the wishes of the people they represent, not "give-in" to imposed 'dissent.'
The Councillors must "advise" the people of any major "ask" of them.
The Councillors are morally responsible for their decisions.
The Councillors cannot delegate responsibility onto others.
The Councillors must be active in all areas of Council matters.

The Councillors are responsible for the 'Rate quote' given.
The Councillors are responsible for the new works undertaken
The Councillors need to be aware that they are ultimately responsible for any "burden" they place upon the community.

The Councillors need to be "actively" conversant with the "actual" requirements of the community.
The Councillors are not elected to heed the foolish whims of any.
The Councillors are morally responsible for the "lives" of the people they influence.
The Councillors controlling the people through their "action" are thus spiritually liable for their actions.

Councillors need to implement "asks" of the people as long as this "request" is within the precept of God's Command to "Only be loving."
The word "Government" is to be changed to "Public Welfare Service."
All public service employees need to be willing to "Serve" with honesty, respect and care.

The People are you and I, as well as the Council members, I do espy.
Let us all now "begin" to walk tall and happiness win.

Let us the "format" now change to one of "freedom of expression." It will be strange.
Soil not your hands with grime. In reason let our minds entwine.

Your choice to be true to others, me as well as you.
You did the Councillors elect, will they now your "freedom" protect?
They I hope, are sisters true and brothers courageous too.
Let's now sit down together as we await the land of "blessed ever."

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~ Blueprint ~

AGENDA -- 1 --

1 - Meet with Councillors who have familiarised themselves with this "Blueprint" document.

2 - Seek their commitment or otherwise concerning the content of this document, and their commitment in ensuring that each community member is given a copy of this document for their information and consideration.

3 - Should the elected body not see the wisdom of applying the principles of my projection and putting them into practise, then a public meeting will be called for.

4 - In the event that the "Elected" agree with the document, then Blueprint and Agenda 1-2-3 will be presented to the people with the full co-operation of the Council and...

5 - The Council will adopt their new "Role" as laid out in the Blueprint document.

6 - The 'New Role' will be that of community service provision to those that seek it, and the community 'Council' will no longer be 'dictating' the orders of any other 'body' or institution, nor will it 'dictate' terms or policy using the 'mass' of any majority vote.  It will not be a place where people need to go to ask 'permission' for anything for its role is advisory and for service provision. It will simply ensure that its activities never disadvantage anyone nor interfere in the affairs of anyone. All from now on will accept their Creator as 'head of house' and conduct their own affairs with His code of conduct 'Policy' in mind.

AGENDA -- 2 --

Understanding the causes of The Great Spiritual War to come,
being CHAOS in the mind. (Refer Brief Summary of God's message)

Mental/emotional trauma, resulting in "unreasoned" action (insanity).

Cause: Spiritual.


Individual personal negative "expression" over time. This has resulted in the spiritual ingress of darkness into the soul, and into the "way" of every system on earth. Greed flourished, manipulation, mismanagement and abuse accepted and seen as "the norm."


Minds under siege from intensifying negative thought intrusion, leading to un-forgiveness, demands for ones rights regardless of pain caused to others.


Cause material: Demand for more taxes off the community and more control over the community, all seeking retribution financially or otherwise from others, more regulations and controls, drying up of funds, total economic collapse of the System's of man. This means no work, no funds, closure of businesses with the resulting shortages of goods, no services available. Chaos and panic and desperate people, and ultimately to isolation, desolation and vengeful destruction.

Earth changes resulting in mass death, mass loss of housing, mass starvation and disease.

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AGENDA -- 3 --

1 -- The first prerequisite is the dissemination of informative literature ref 'Suburban Terror document' to:

A - Alert the people.
B - Enable them to prepare spiritually, and materially in:

a - understanding mental instability. (Suicide document)
b - health/medical supplies.
c - shelter.
d - water & food supplies.
e - home waste disposal.
f - fuel for heat and cooking.

2 -- The Council facilities being the focal point for the community "effort" to operate from.

3 -- The "free" utilisation of the "retired minds" and all "unemployed" elders aged over 35 years, who are asked to give of their time and accrued wisdom in different areas.

This is to assist in the setting up of community programs that will bring into being the Community survival strategy, and/or organisation and implementation of all community endeavours.

All unemployed and youth of any age are to be assisted into becoming 'useful' in the various community endeavours and activities, under the direction and guidance and supervision of the elders.

They must be taught not to "wait" for employment by others. They "are" the "muscle and "skills," being the essence of any business. They must be assisted to become "Self employed" without the restrictions of 'up front' licences, permits etc.

This can only be achieved with the help of the "retired" minds who give of their instruction as said, in their various professions, thus and only thus can all youth become independently self sufficient as they 'grow' in wisdom and understanding.

People must learn to take "personal responsibility" for their lives, and not "rely on" or "expect" the governing "body" to do all for them, for the governing body "funds" are the funds of the people, and one should not "demand" that ones neighbours be expected to "do" or "give in" to our demands.

I am trying to ensure that the people have the choice of making an informed decision, by having all the information available on the matter at hand.

The freedom to "do, or not to do"
must always remain the choice of the individual.

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~ Basic Provisions ~
Break O'Day - Disaster Survival Plan

The Break O'Day community of the East Coast of Tasmania where I presently reside is a 'miniscule' example of any place on earth, and will soon be a 'disaster' zone as will all others. Due to that fact, there will be no 'other' able to offer any aid when disaster strikes.

Thus this paper is written as a Disaster Survival Plan to aid not only the local community, but as a guide to others in other lands and places. For all areas of earth will soon be subjected to not only weather forces, but earth changes, tsunami water movements, and the greatest danger of all being the survival of the soul, as man 'turns' against man in the greatest dark, evil, vengeful 'spiritual' pandemic ever seen on earth.

For as insanity erupts, there will be great danger as spoken of, (Refer Agenda 3) as well as the need for every community to make preparation for the mental health and counselling aspect of the prophesied END days tribulation as revealed by this pen.

As all can see from the present day disasters, whenever there is a problem all are totally unprepared to assist themselves, and all people rely on others, be it their own or other governing agencies. Let it be recorded here that governing 'bodies' are not in fact one's 'parents' to be relied on. For they only have at their disposal the funds and equipment already supplied to them by you.

Thus it is improper of you to expect them or any other to be your 'saviour' in cataclysmic times. Far better for each individual and community to make their own preparations so as to be self-sufficient prior to any catastrophic event and ongoing trauma.

As all can also see, when there is a catastrophe the first 'thing' that occurs is that many are killed or wounded, and multitudes are made homeless and all face starvation, lack of water, and all seek help from others. So we need an 'agenda' whereby a 'committed' group can begin to make preparations near to each community centre, with the understanding that earth changes will cause mass flooding to all coastal areas and thus survival facilities must be located some distance away from the beaches.

Every local community needs to set aside one or more locations, it may be wise to make use of a section of a farm property that is owned by a good responsible person that will take care of the community endeavour where the following basic placements are needed to be installed.

The digging of toilet latrines - the erection of water tanks and shower facilities - the storage facility for dried and tinned foods - storage of tents, blankets, toiletries, medical supplies, and all other items that are daily needed by all, be it cutlery, matches, fuel, firewood etc. This is to assist you in making "material" provisional preparation for times ahead when due to calamitous circumstances, the usual 'services' will not always be available.

On a personal level, if you can put a little away and prepare, you will be in a better position to be self sufficient and be able to "Share."

Rain water tank (150 gallon +), metal buckets, water containers.
Matches, fire lighters, candles, lanterns, kerosene.
Tinned corned beef, sardines, condensed milk, vegemite etc.
Cooking oil, salt, yeast, dried milk, honey, sugar, herbs.
Dried fruit and nuts.
Tea, coffee, milo, etc.
Seeds: Mung beans, alfalfa, vegetable seeds etc.
Dried corn, wheat, rice, beans, split peas etc.
Medical: disinfectant, betadine, savlon cream, bandages, panadol, sticking plaster, scissors, insect repellent, etc.
Tent, warm clothing, needle and thread, spare boots.
Shovel, axe, and other tools for gardening.
A wheelbarrow for "transporting" your goods.

Remember, it will be a time of "Self sufficiency," if you are blessed with a little space in your back yard, plant some potatoes, silver beet and cabbages and have a few chickens.

For corn/ flour mill & wind/solar power information go to: “Wind & Solar
For food & medical storage information go to:
Food & Medical storage doc.

Get started today
put a few items away.

~~~ Main Blueprint document ends here ~~~

Note: This document is 'advisory' only, and I already 'hear' many saying 'But - but - but' and all I can say in response is:

"But - but - but please try and remember that God is the 'super power' not you" and, - - -
His Command is 'peace & love & mercy' and, His ONE Law "As you do is done unto you" reigns SUPREME.

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